Firehammer: Every home should own at least one!

The Firehammer by Life Saver Products is designed to save your life in seconds. There were 380 fire-related fatalities in Britain in 2011-2012. Three quarters (76%) of these fatalities occurred in dwelling fires, where being overcome by gas, smoke or toxic fumes was partly or wholly the cause of death in over half (53%) of all fire fatalities. These numbers could be dramatically decreased in 2013 with the help of The Firehammer. With its lightweight, small and discreet design, The Firehammer easily breaks glass in seconds using precision stainless steel tips and specially formulated moulded plastic handle that has been tested to withstand ??? degrees.

With response times of emergency services steadily increasing since 1998, the average response time now stands at 7.2 minutes. Smoke inhalation during a domestic fire can be fatal in under 10 minutes and the long term effects of smoke inhalation can cause countless health problems. Why wait for the emergency services to come to the rescue when a discreet Firehammer placed on the wall next to a window could mean the difference between life and death?

The Firehammer is endorsed by Simon Weston OBE, veteran of the British Army who became well known throughout the United Kingdom for his recovery and charity work after suffering severe burn injuries during the Falklands War.

This is what he had to say about The Firehammer:

“I highly recommend every household should have at least one of these to hand, after all why wouldn’t you!” Simon Weston OBE

With interest from several large retailers, The Firehammer could be seen distributed nation-wide in 2013. We are passionate that fire-related fatalities should be considerably lower than their current statistics show. That’s why we are actively promoting The Firehammer with the view of saving lives in 2013.


We hope that you share our view of preventing fire-related fatalities in 2013 and beyond. 

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